About Us & Our Sales Tax Services

Abaca Tax is a tax consulting company operated by the team at States Sales Tax. We have a team of sales tax experts providing outsourced sales tax services to major privately held and publicly-traded clients. We file thousands of returns and pay $millions in tax every month.

For more info please visit our listing at Amazon Solutions Provider Network website for External Tax Providers. We are required to mention that Amazon does not endorse any solution provider or its services.

We provide registration and sales tax filing services to Amazon FBA sellers and other Ecommerce sellers. We are highly specialized in the area of multistates sales and use tax. In contrast with local CPA's, we do not provide A to Z accounting or income tax services. The users of this website's services can benefit from our excellent sales tax expertise relied upon by Major Corporations and large FBA sellers with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Our Value Advantage

■ With us, you do not need to register/file in states where you have no nexus. We register or file only in the states that you select. Other providers may require you to file in more than 22 states even if you have no sales tax nexus in certain states.
■ Sales Tax Auditors usually ask for a copy of the returns. We provide a copy of the returns or data from state website, and/or proof of confirmation of filing/payment. Other providers only may provide a confirmation number or an unofficial "simulated" copy, and so your audit may take longer to verify or complete.
■ We use the Official Amazon reports. Unlike software vendors, we do not programmatically pull individual transactions from Amazon to recalculate or resummarize data to provide Unofficial results that may be different from the Official reports.
■ We resolve notices related to the sales tax returns.
■ While many providers are software programmers or local CPA's providing A to Z accounting services heavily relying on third party software, we are experts in multistates sales tax. We use our own internal tools and have no need to use third party filing software.
■ We only file directly with the States, and do not file through third party systems in which many software autofilers do.

Factors to consider when Outsourcing Sales Tax filings

Choose us when you value a provider who:
● can file sales tax returns in all states, counties, and cities.
● does not file through a third party system. For example, we do not file through "Streamlined Sales Tax". Therefore the states agents are able to help with resolving issues. Otherwise the seller might be asked to go back to whomever filed their returns to resolve.
● does not require you to register and file returns in states where you have no nexus.
● provides real screenshots/returns to you (not simulated copies or just a confirmation number).
● can register the sales tax licenses and business licenses for you.
● can resolve state notices for you when something goes wrong.
● has expertise in multistate sales tax audit defense.
● uses Official reports and can support different official reports from multi-sales channels.
● are managed by experts with multistates sales tax expertise.
● has expertise to file returns by hand and/or write paper checks to meet deadlines in the event of third party outages or state system failures.

We support all of the above. Whether you're an Amazon FBA seller, or sell with Ebay, Magento, Miva, Volusion, Prestashop, Shopify, BigCommerce, 3dcart, Xcart, Etsy, Walmart, Ebay, JET or other systems, we are your destination for stellar sales tax outsourcing service!