About Our Managed Sales Tax Services

Abaca Tax is a tax consulting company with a team of sales tax experts providing outsourced managed sales tax services to major privately held and publicly-traded clients. We handle complex and custom sales tax issues. We file thousands of returns and pay $millions in tax every month on behalf of sellers.

We are also an approved Amazon.com Provider to its sellers and was one of the first approved Providers. We are highly specialized in multistates sales and use tax, with expertise in Registrations, Filings, Sales Tax Audit defense, and Sales Tax Consulting.

Our Managed Sales Tax Service Advantage

■ With us, you do not need to register/file in states where you have no nexus because we do not rely on middlemen like "Streamlined Sales Tax". We register or file directly in the states that you select. Other providers may require you to file in more than 22+ states even if you have no sales tax nexus in certain states.
■ Sales Tax Auditors usually ask for a copy of the returns. We provide a copy of the returns directly from the state systems. Other providers only may provide an unofficial software generated return, and so your audit might take longer to complete, but sometimes the unofficial documents are not accepted by the states.
■ Our managed sales tax service includes resolving notices related to the sales tax returns, whereas other providers might require you to deal with state bureaucracies.
■ While many providers are software vendors or local CPA's providing A to Z accounting services heavily relying on third party software and middlemen systems, we are experts in multistates sales tax. We fully control our own internal tools and have no need to use any third party filing software.
■ For excellent reliability, we only file directly with the States, and not through third party systems.

As a result of our very efficient managed sales tax filing service, most clients only send 1 or 2 emails per month to us and can focus on other work. Whether you're a retailer, distributor, manufacturer selling via physical stores, ecommerce, or direct sales, Our managed sales tax service is stellar and reliable!