Voluntary Disclosure

We anonymously apply for Voluntary Disclosure to resolve back tax owed to the states via MTC or directly with each state if needed. If you owe back tax and would like to disclose to the states in return for penalty relief, please contact us via our contact form. We can discuss with you to see if VDA has any advantage. Some sellers choose to skip the VDA and simply register sales tax ID's.

  1. ■ We fill out VDA applications, if applicable.
  2. ■ You review and edit the Voluntary Disclosure Agreement, if offered by the state.
  3. ■ You approve the applications and/or VDA before we submit.
  4. ■ If the states make an undesirable offer, you do not need to sign or agree to the VDA.

There are tax amnesty programs from time to time. Please contact us for more info.

Please see Business License Registration Price