Sales Tax Return Filing Services

Our sales tax compliance consultant experts file sales tax returns in all states, counties, cities, and other special district jurisdictions. In contrast with most other providers who rely on third party filing software and/or who file through third party middlemen systems, we file directly with all taxing jurisdictions. This eliminates the need for the Middleman Streamlined Sales Tax Project's (SSTP) involvement when problems arise. If any seller experiences failures or penalty/interest, we can convert the Streamlined Sales Tax registration ID's to file directly with each state and remove middlemen systems.

    Sellers choose our Managed Sales Tax Filing Services for the following reasons:
  1. ■ We file directly with the states using the states' systems. In contrast with software autofile providers, we do not file through third party systems. If something goes wrong, we can call the states to resolve issues. Timely resolution is almost impossible if the filings go through any middlemen systems.
  2. ■ Our staff are in USA. We do not use overseas workers that almost all software vendors use. Our service is ideal for sellers who do not want their confidential info exposed to offshore unknown or subcontracted workers.
  3. ■ We do not use third party filing software given we file using the state's systems.
  4. ■ Our Managed sales tax service includes resolving actionable state sales tax notices.
  5. ■ Some software vendors that provide autofile service might have no ability to handle delinquent back taxes.
  6. ■ We have expertise to file in all states, counties, and cities.
  7. ■ We have expertise with audit defense.
  8. ■ We have expertise with Voluntary Disclosure Agreements.
  9. ■ Many other reasons.
If your sales volume is mid to high level, please contact us before choosing a software vendor for filing returns.

To get started with our Sales Tax Filing Service:

  1. 1. Please contact us and provide a list of states in which to register and file sales tax returns.
  2. 2. Please send us:
    ■ If you are already filing returns, please send a tax calendar (entity, jurisdiction, filing frequency).
    ■ Sample sales report formats.
  3. 3. We will review your report formats to let you know if we can process them as is.
  4. 4. We will provide instructions on tax funding setup. We pay the states on your behalf.