Sales Tax Return Filing Services

Our sales tax compliance professionals file sales tax returns in all applicable states, counties, cities, and other special district jurisdictions. In contrast with most other providers who rely on third party filing software or who file through third party systems, we file directly with taxing jurisdictions. This eliminates the need for Streamlined Sales Tax Project's (SSTP) involvement when problems arise. There is a great benefit for some clients who would like to switch from SSTP to file directly with the jurisdictions.

    Sellers with decent sales volume who are knowledgeable about what can go wrong with sales tax choose our services for the following reasons:
  1. ■We file directly with the states using the states' systems. In contrast with software autofile providers, we do not file through third party systems. If something goes wrong, we can call the states to resolve. Many states' agents cannot help resolve issues related to third party systems because the filings were not submitted using the states' own filing systems. The states might not keep records submitted from third party systems. Therefore the seller might have to rely on unofficial third party records if still available at the time of an audit.
  2. ■Other service providers might cause the seller to incur unnecessary business license fees in certain states.
  3. ■Our staff are in USA. We do not use overseas workers that most software vendors use. Our service is good for FBA sellers who do not want their info exposed to offshore low level workers.
  4. ■We do not use third party filing software
  5. ■We resolve state notices, if needed.
  6. ■Some software vendors might pull transactions from Amazon to perform their own summary or estimate, which might not match with Amazon's Official downloadable reports. This could cause overpayment of taxes.
  7. ■Some software vendors that provide autofile service may require you to file amendments every month. Excessive repeated amendments could trigger an audit.
  8. ■We have expertise to file in all states, counties, and cities.
  9. ■Other service providers may simply register in states where the seller has sales but has no sales tax nexus.
  10. ■We have expertise to help with audit defense
  11. ■We have expertise to help with Voluntary Disclosures
  12. ■Many other reasons
If your sales volume is mid to high level, please contact us before choosing a software vendor for filing returns.

To get started with our Sales Tax Filing Service:

  1. Please read the Pricing
  2. 1. Please contact us and provide a list of states in which to register and file sales tax returns.
  3. 2. Please send us:
    a) If you are already filing returns, please send a tax calendar (entity, jurisdiction, filing frequency)
    b) sample sales reports
  4. 3. We will review your reports and send you approval status.
  5. 4. We will provide instructions on funding setup. We pay the states on your behalf.

Rough Monthly Timeline Process for Sales Tax Filing:

Upfront:Report formats are approved. We send you a Profile sheet to fill out and send it back. You provide us with the reports or with access to download reports from your platforms. (one time only)
1st-3rd:We download from your sales platforms or receive reports from you.
1st-5th: We send Invoice and Funding Request Summary to you. You review within 1 to 2 days upon receipt for any required adjustment.
3rd-7th: You fund us via wire or ACH. For example, if we emailed Invoice on 4th, you will fund on 4th, 5th or 6th at the latest.
3rd-15th: We file, make payments, resolve notices, if any.
27th-31st: We send returns, proof of payment, and/or confirmations to you.